Answers to the most popular questions
What does the letter L and the numbers 2,3,4,5 mean in the crab name?
The dimensions of the King crab are calibrated by the weight of one claw:
L — the weight of one claw is 500-700 g
L2 — the weight of one claw is 700-900 g
L3 — the weight of one claw is 900-1100 g
L4 — the weight of one claw is 1100-1300 g
L5 — the weight of one claw is 1300-1500 g
What does the 40/60 or 50/70 shrimp label mean?
This is the number of shrimps per kilogram. The most common medium-sized shrimp in the world are labeled 90/120 (from 90 to 120 pieces per kilogram). 40/60 are very large, selected shrimps, 50/70 are also large and medium-sized shrimps, etc.
How can I pay for an order?
We accept payment in any convenient way for you:
- Cash to the courier upon receipt of the order
- By credit card to the courier upon receipt of the order
- Online-to do this after the final approval of the order ask our manager to send a payment link to your email or any messenger you like!
Is it more expensive to order from us than to buy in a store?
CRAB:STORE seafood is not more expensive than in the store. Moreover:

1. No need to go to the store. We will deliver it free of charge to your home or office.
2. Such large seafood is not available in all stores, mainly they are in the markets.
3. Together with the seafood, the order includes gloves and scissors for convenient cutting of seafood.
4. Discounts and gifts for the holidays are provided for regular customers.
How to cook shrimps and other seafood?
Here are the main points:
1. All seafood must be cooked at a clearly specified time, otherwise they will become tough.
2. We advise you to remove from the heat without bringing it to readiness, even a little damp, so that due to the heat preserved in the pan or frying pan, you can bring it to the desired state.
3. As soon as the seafood is ready, the transparency of it often disappears.
4. About spices – they should be abandoned in order to preserve the original taste of the product. The only thing that is allowed is a little salt and sometimes herbs. During cooking, you can use broth or wine instead of water.
5. All seafood does not tolerate re-freezing, do not freeze it twice.
What seafood is better to order if I follow a diet?
1. It is recommended to include in the diet: shrimps, mussels and scallops.
2. Their useful properties:
* Shrimp contains no sugar or fat. They are rich in vitamin B12, which is necessary for the nervous and immune systems, normalize blood pressure and improve the functioning of the reproductive function.
* mussels make the complexion beautiful, the skin healthy. Rich in vitamin E-it is a natural antioxidant.
* scallops improve blood composition, get rid of excess cholesterol and have a low fat percentage.
Is Russian seafood better than foreign seafood?
It is better in terms of quality and freshness. But the influx of foreign companies with cheaper and more diverse products hinders the development of domestic manufacturers. We are working to ensure that modern consumers still have more confidence in the sea products of Russian catch and processing than in imported ones, which may be from China, for example.
Which caviar is better: chum salmon or pink salmon?
The caviar of both chum salmon and pink salmon has the same useful composition and the richest nutritional value. Our customers appreciate pink salmon caviar more. Despite the fact that it is smaller, it is considered the best in the ratio of cost/taste/benefit. Chum salmon caviar contains more fat, which affects its taste. Eggs are denser and tougher. But these properties give it the opportunity to keep it fresh longer and not spread.
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