Black tiger shrimp 8/12

The black tiger shrimp is a species of decapod crayfish in the suborder dendrobranchiata. It is distributed in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
The shrimps themselves are gray-green with a brown tinge, the backs are striped. The taste of shrimps is sweet, reminiscent of boiled crayfish.
The shrimp is suitable for grilling, frying, cooking, as well as for making flavorful soups and sauces. To preserve the entire taste of the shrimp as much as possible, we recommend cooking it in an unpeeled form.

Producer: Vietnam
Nutritional value/100 g
Protein-16.3 g
Fat-0.4 g
Energy 120 kcal
Ingredients: Black tiger shrimps.. Glaze no more than 5%
Storage conditions: 1 year at a temperature of -18
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